Tim’s list

A place for buying, selling, exchanging, giving away, recycling, reusing and generally being efficient with our use of stuff.

Well hello there, you’re early

This isn’t ready yet, but if you want to start buying and selling now you can join my local toy trading group here: Facebook - Tadley Toys

If you’d like me to let you know when there’s something to use here then probably the best thing to do is join my general mailing list but do note that that’s for everything I do and build not just this site.

What’s this going to be?

Initially a super-niche local site for Tadley and surrounding areas to improve the circulation of kids toys.

If that goes well I might expand to clothes, or another town or something. We’ll see.

Who’s behind this?

This site is a side-project of Charm Consulting Ltd.

Behind the scenes

Working in the open

I’ll be sharing just about everything as I go. Follow along on GitHub and Twitter.